Bespoke Dining Room Furniture

That doesn’t just mean selecting the design you want. Our designers also consider your particular room dimensions, quirky architectural features, your taste as well as your lifestyle.

If you choose to commission Priest Brothers you’ll find our commitment to quality shines through from the first sketch to the final polish, offering you the best bespoke furniture in Chelmsford. The passing of time enhances the natural beauty of timber and its great variation of colour, grain and luster should be appreciated accordingly. Every single piece of wood is unique just like a fingerprint. If you want perfect colour matching don’t waste this marvellous resource.

We take a genuine pride in putting our customers first by supplying quality products. Our speciality solid oak furniture is manufactured with European oak of the highest grade and quality. To accommodate customers individual needs the companys resources are geared to offer options of timbers.

At your request, one of our experienced design consultants will visit you in your home to discuss what you like, what you don’t like and how we can best achieve your ideas.