Finest quality sofas in Chelmsford

At Priest Brothers we are intent on providing our customers with the finest quality products – this stems from our moral values as a small family run business with a reputation that has been built over the last 30 years manufacturing for retail and trade. 

Providing our customers with the finest quality products.

So for us to promote and retail another manufacturers product we have to be sure that this manufacturer and their product meet our strong values and morally fit in with our philosophies of good quality and good customer relations.

ROM Sofas

ROM Sofas meet these requirements and their sofa range will enhance any room! 

The quality and styles within their sofa range are flawless and the designs and features such as the clever ergonomics and the various functions to choose from are' fascinating. 

Fully customisable sofas to match your exact specifications.

The very fact that each and every one of them is bespoke to your required taste – you choose from width & length, colour of fabric, choice of fabric, colour of stitching –two tone colour and fabric option, choice of feet and most fantastic of all is the function options on all choices of sofa's and modules. 

From slide out seats to reclined, sofa bed to long chair, standard two seated to corner sofa with terminal end. The choices are endless which means we should have just what our customers are looking for!

Rom Sofa - PREMIUM2 LUXURY range

ROM sofas

ROM sofas and chairs are created with a desire to combine exceptional comfort with innovative design. Select from unusual pieces like the Chili chair, conventional sofas or corner sofas. Whichever you choose, you can be sure ROM products will add a new dimension to your room.

All designed and viewed in our showroom on an iPad programmed specifically for this task the technology is continuous the product is flawless and the choices are phenomenal!

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And get a guided tour round our sofa collection and find the right match for your room.

Sofas from Priest Brothers
Sofas from Priest Brothers
Sofas from Priest Brothers
Sofas from Priest Brothers