Balmoral Oak



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Available Dimensions
h.100 x w.80 x d.4cm - mor518C
h.126 x w.80 x d.4cm - mor518B
h.150 x w.80 x d.4cm - mor518A


  • Lacq
  • Oil
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Balmoral Oak range
Coffee Table
Coffee Table
Dimensions h.47 x w.90 x d.90cm
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Swing mirror COL825 Pembridge
Swing mirror COL825
Dimensions h.45 x w.40 x d.20cm
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Chest with 2+2 drawers COL805 Pembridge
Chest with 2+2 drawers COL805
Dimensions h.96 x w.104 x d.45 cm
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220 Large TV Unit Morpeth
220 Large TV Unit
Dimensions h.640 x w.1705 x d.420cm
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Richmond Painted Bed Richmond Painted
Richmond Painted Bed
Dimensions h. x w. x d.cm
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Corfe Solid Bed Corfe
Corfe Solid Bed
Dimensions h.120 x w.152 x d.208 cm
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Millsom 102 Extending Table Millsom
Millsom 102 Extending Table
Dimensions h.77 x w.130/170 x d.90cm
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ROM Sofa Example Rom Sofas
ROM Sofa Example
Dimensions h. x w. x d.cm
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