Balmoral Oak



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Available Dimensions
h.100 x w.80 x d.4cm - mor518C
h.126 x w.80 x d.4cm - mor518B
h.150 x w.80 x d.4cm - mor518A


  • Lacq
  • Oil
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Balmoral Oak range
Slat Bed HFE Rockingham
Slat Bed HFE
Dimensions h.119 x w.105 x d.215cm
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Bedside Cabinet Turnbury
Bedside Cabinet
Dimensions h.645 x w.560 x d.460cm
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Blanket Chest REM819 Rockingham
Blanket Chest REM819
Dimensions h.46 x w.126 x d.45cm
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Millsom 507 Wall Mirror Millsom
Millsom 507 Wall Mirror
Dimensions h.50 x w.120 x d.3cm
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Mini 3 Drawer Bedside R212 Richmond
Mini 3 Drawer Bedside R212
Dimensions h.610 x w.400 x d.380cm
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Wide Chest of Drawers 513 Balmoral Oak
Wide Chest of Drawers 513
Dimensions h.100 x w.153 x d.60cm
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7 Drawer Chest LAM805 Lambourne
7 Drawer Chest LAM805
Dimensions h.112 x w.90 x d.48cm
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716 Dining Table Penrith
716 Dining Table
Dimensions h.75 x w.130 x d.70cm
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